Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have an interest in adopting a certain greyhound, don't wait -- file your application ASAP, even if the dog has an application pending, anything can happen. There is no obligation at the application stage, however, the application does guarantee that you have the right of first refusal on that particular dog. Email for more information.

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Corky Corky (HAG Clyde)
Male - 72 lbs. - 4 years 11 months old
Corky is good with cats and other small dogs. He's very small, but he has a great personality and seems to get along with everyone. He's sweet and affectionate and just a great all-around boy.
Samantha (Samantha McBones)
Female - 50 lbs. - 2 years 2 months old
Sam is just the cutest little niblet around! She's OK with cats and small dogs and gets along with everyone!
Cory Cory (KB's Corrado)
Male - 64 lbs. - 2 years old
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Cory is an absolutely beautiful red brindle boy, who is said to be "cat workable." He is sweet and happy... a bit shy at first but he definitely warms up quickly. He loves attention and gets along well with everyone. He has not been child tested, so we would recommend older children only.
Spud (Chasmo's Spud)
Male - 68 lbs. - 5 years old
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Spud is a gorgeous white boy with a couple of red spots and red ticking. His foster home in Florida included cats, a small dog, and other greys. He's good on a leash, and loves to run and play. He is sweet and loving, and doesn't mind a crate.
Happy (Apprentice Trent) No Cats
Female - 60 lbs. - 3 years 4 months old
Happy is about as happy as they come! She runs for joy, leaps for no reason, and wags that tail all the time. What a joy to be around! She is 3 years old and gets along with all the other greys here. She is NOT small animal safe, but seems to like children and in her foster home, she lived with a small dog and 4 other greys. We would recommend older children as she is very playful and could be too much for younger kids.
Mercury Mercury (Mega Mercury)
Male - 70 lbs.
Mercury is also "cat curious" and his foster felt he could be OK with some experience and training. He is spunky outgoing and active, and would be better in a home with older (or no) children. Just gorgeous and loves to play with the other dogs. He is 3 years old and ready to go! Update: I don't think I've ever been around a happier grey. He just leaps with joy and plays fetch like a champ!
Triumph Triumph (Kiowa Triumph)
Male - 75 lbs.
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Triumph is a gorgeous red boy who loves to play and is getting along great with everyone. He is cat "curious" so would need some residual training, but he's calm and just a sweetie pie. He is 5 years old and also already does steps. He has been fostered.
Morgan Morgan (Arkans Morgan)
Male - 70 lbs. - 3 years 1 month old
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Another youngster, Morgan is a graduate of the prison obedience program. He is very good with his commands and obeys immediately. He's got a BIG personality and can be absolutely goofy at times. He tested as cat tolerant but can be alpha in a pack. He does stairs. He also jumps up, which can be trained out of course, but he may be too much for smaller kids. A great all-around boy!