Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have an interest in adopting a certain greyhound, don't wait -- file your application ASAP, even if the dog has an application pending, anything can happen. There is no obligation at the application stage, however, the application does guarantee that you have the right of first refusal on that particular dog. Email for more information.

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Kelly (Reckless Kelly) No Cats
Male - 67 lbs. - 10 years 7 months old
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Kelly has been returned to Nittany after 6 years because of his owner's illness... he is a wonderful, 10-year-old boy who loves everyone and is very playful and happy. He appears to be small animal safe and gets along with the other greys very well. He hates a crate but is quiet and calm and doesn't really need one anyway. He so needs a new home! Photos 1 and 2 are him when he first came in.
Ace Ace
Male - 66 lbs.
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Act is a very small, 5-year-old male who is quiet, on the calm side and happy and wiggly. He's sweet, loving, and is small animal safe. UPDATE: Ace was placed but has come back to us through no fault of his own. This is a happy, loving boy who gets along well with everyone! He is a very young 5 years old!
Walton (Kiowa War Walton)
Male - 75 lbs. - 3 years 7 months old
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Walton is a big boy, cat-safe but playful and happy. He loves toys and is very cute and loving. More updates to come as he settles in.
Espresso (Kells Espresso)
Female - 67 lbs. - 3 years 7 months old
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Espresso is a beautiful sable fawn... very distinctive with such a sweet personality. What a wonderful girl she is... cat-safe and very loving.
Teddy Teddy (LocoTeddy)
Male - 71 lbs. - 4 years 4 months old
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Teddy is the brother to a couple of other girls we had go through here before, and he is just as wonderful as they are. He has lots of personality but is also very loving and sweet. He's small animal safe and just a dear boy.
Tinsly (L's Tinsly)
Female - 62 lbs. - 3 years 5 months old
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Tinsly is so darn cute! She's a gorgeous, red, cat-safe female... updates to come!
Debbie Debbie (Dippen Debbie)
Female - 61 lbs. - 5 years 2 months old
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Debbie is a fantastic, quiet little girl. She was injured at the track and so is still healing her back leg but she has already come a long way and there's no reason to believe she won't be 100% very soon. She is so sweet and just loves to cuddle up. She's quiet and calm and is definitely cat-workable. Debbie will be spayed mid-October, so she'll be available after that...
Augie Augie (Braska Augie) No Cats No Dogs
Female - 60 lbs. - 4 years 9 months old
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Augie is a gorgeous strawberry red female; she's very sweet and quiet. She loves to play with toys and just enjoys getting love from her people. Augie is not cat-safe. She will be spayed mid-October so will be ready right after that. She is so beautiful and sweet and will make a great companion to the right home.
Raisin Raisin (Kiowa RaisinRock)
Male - 77 lbs. - 2 years 8 months old
Raisin is a big boy with a personality to match... but he's also a sweetie and will settle down nicely. He's small animal workable, which means he'll need some training to live with small critters. Raisin will be neutered in two weeks so he should be ready to go by late-October. He's very special!
M & M (MasterMind)
Male - 70 lbs. - 2 years 3 months old
MM is a shy boy but he comes around quickly. He's a gorgeous tuxedo-marked male who is small animal safe and just as sweet as ever, once he gets to know you.
Tiny (NB's Show Time)
Female - 50 lbs. - 2 years 3 months old
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Tiny is a very playful, puppy-like little girl, and yet she is not bouncing off the walls. She's just a joy to be around; she's curious and happy and affectionate. Always ready to run at a moment's notice! She tested small animal safe and she will bring a smile to your face every time.
Sandy (Mohican Dry Sand)
Male - 75 lbs. - 1 year 10 months old
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Sandy is a gorgeous champagne brindle boy and he's very tall! He is small animal safe and very sweet, although timid. He does approach but is a bit skittish right now. He will bond very easily, we believe, but will need a little patience while he learns to trust you. He's just a baby at only a year and a half, and he so needs a soft couch so he can rest.
Witchy (Witches Wake)
Female - 63 lbs. - 4 years 5 months old
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Oh please change this little girl's name! She is lovely... not witchy at all! She's a gorgeous white girl with red spots and she's laid back and as sweet as can be. So far she's getting along with everyone and loves the song "Witchy Woman" (apparently!). She is small animal safe but has not lived with small animals as yet. She has been in a foster home for a short time.
Brandi Brandi
Female - 54 lbs. - 3 years 10 months old
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Brandi is a tiny little thing; she was used as a brood mama and was surrendered to a shelter in New York with puppies. The puppies were placed; we took Brandi in. She is very shy but loving and sweet once she trusts you. She is probably small animal safe; we will be testing her asap... but she's so adorable... and that face!