Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have an interest in adopting a certain greyhound, don't wait -- file your application ASAP, even if the dog has an application pending, anything can happen. There is no obligation at the application stage, however, the application does guarantee that you have the right of first refusal on that particular dog. Email for more information.

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Captain Hook New Captain Hook (Hook Shot)
Male - 55 lbs. - 3 years 2 months old
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Captain Hook is a tripod. Not because of any disease but because he had a bad accident at the track back in June and his leg could not be fixed so they amputated it. He gets around just fine, runs like crazy with the other dogs, but cannot do stairs and has rubber booties for smooth floors (although he is doing ours OK as long as they're not wet). He is the sweetest dog ever, loving and affectionate and eager to please. He listens well, is small animal safe, and is just adorable... he's tiny at only 55 pounds! He's fine with other dogs.
Candy New Candy (SG's Bob Gibson)
Female - 55 lbs. - 1 year 9 months old
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Candy is a gorgeous fawn with a black face and she is sweet and quiet and a bit laid back. She's just a youngster and is playful but not obnoxious about it. What a beauty she is, and that face! Just melts your heart.
Tiny New Tiny (NB's Show Time)
Female - 50 lbs. - 2 years 1 month old
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Tiny is a very playful, puppy-like little girl, and yet she is not bouncing off the walls. She's just a joy to be around; she's curious and happy and affectionate. Always ready to run at a moment's notice! She tested small animal safe and she will bring a smile to your face every time.
Shane (JT's Mashane)
Male - 76 lbs.
Shane is a very tall, handsome champagne brindle boy. He is 3 years old and more laid back than the other newbies. He is loving and sweet, and is small animal safe. Updates to come!
Lucky Lucky (P.J. Lucky Strike)
Female - 60 lbs.
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Lucky is a really happy little girl. She is very active and has a big personality, but she's also loving and is eager to please. She is small animal safe... more updates as we get to know her better!
Ace Ace
Male - 66 lbs.
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Act is a very small, 5-year-old male who is quiet, on the calm side and happy and wiggly. He's sweet, loving, and is small animal safe. Updates to come as we get to know this little boy...
Snickers Snickers (Mister Misc)
Male - 71 lbs.
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Snickers is our party boy! He's happy, will chase and play with toys, constantly in motion and ready for anything! He'll be a blast! He is 3 years old and is small animal safe, although with his personality, he would probably do better with older children and/or larger dogs. Update: Snickers has gone to the Benner Prison for some training... he'll be ready to go in 6 weeks but what a sweetie!
Real Real
Female - 54 lbs.
Real is a pretty, small brindle female. She is small animal safe and is 3 years old. She's playful without bouncing off the walls and is getting along well with the other greys in residence. Real went straight to a foster home in State College and early reports are that she's doing quite well. Updates to come!
Kit Kat Kit Kat (Kit Kat)
Male - 75 lbs.
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Kit Kat is a large, gorgeous fawn male. He is happy and loves to run with the other dogs. He is not dominant but it outgoing and very sweet. He's 5 years old and we will update his birthdate, etc. as soon as I get them... He's small animal safe. Update: KK is wonderful! He is very quiet, hangs back a little and is laid back. A fantastic boy!
Sandy Sandy (Mohican Dry Sand)
Male - 75 lbs. - 1 year 8 months old
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Sandy is a gorgeous champagne brindle boy and he's very tall! He is small animal safe and very sweet, although timid. He does approach but is a bit skittish right now. He will bond very easily, we believe, but will need a little patience while he learns to trust you. He's just a baby at only a year and a half, and he so needs a soft couch so he can rest.
Witchy Witchy (Witches Wake)
Female - 63 lbs. - 4 years 2 months old
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Oh please change this little girl's name! She is lovely... not witchy at all! She's a gorgeous white girl with red spots and she's laid back and as sweet as can be. So far she's getting along with everyone and loves the song "Witchy Woman" (apparently!). She is small animal safe but has not lived with small animals as yet. She has been in a foster home for a short time.
Raider Raider (Joey Red Raider)
Female - 63 lbs. - 2 years 10 months old
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A shy and gentle lady, Raider loves to run and play. Inside, she is the most affectionate greyhound her foster mom has ever known. She feels more comfortable with women and will be a truly special companion to the right woman or couple. She has the potential to bond with her human Mom and be that one-in-a-lifetime greyhound. She's living with a chihuahua and a cat and is great pals with both. She also enjoys the company of other greyhounds.
Smiley (NB's Smarty Boy)
Male - 74 lbs. - 3 years 3 months old
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Smiley is named so because he does... at every opportunity! What a sweetie... he is happy and never stops moving. He gets along with everyone and just wants to be loved. He's gorgeous and shiny and just an adorable boy. Update: Smiley is now in our prison program, where he will be for six weeks. He'll be available again mid-July, so check back for updates as he goes along with his training! So far, he is the hit of the facility; tail always wagging and meeting everyone with spirit and joy!
Daisy Daisy (Satin Sheets) No Cats No Dogs
Female - 55 lbs. - 3 years 7 months old
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Daisy is a very young gorgeous champagne brindle girl. She is sweet and loving and really likes the company of other dogs. We believe Daisy is not small animal safe but she gets along well with other greyhounds. Update: Daisy does not like small dogs so will do better in a home with larger dogs or another grey. She is absolutely the perfect girl, according to her foster mom, and is ready to go!
Brandi Brandi
Female - 54 lbs. - 3 years 8 months old
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Brandi is a tiny little thing; she was used as a brood mama and was surrendered to a shelter in New York with puppies. The puppies were placed; we took Brandi in. She is very shy but loving and sweet once she trusts you. She is probably small animal safe; we will be testing her asap... but she's so adorable... and that face!
ViVi ViVi (JD Vivd)
Female - 55 lbs. - 4 years 3 months old
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Vivi is an adorable little tuxedo-ette, and she has been in a foster home for a couple of months. She is said to be laid back (nothing bothers her), sweet, loving, and is small animal safe. She does stairs and is just the perfect little grey. Update: ViVi will benefit from a fenced yard as she has a lot of energy and loves to run!