Our Favorite Links

Research aimed at finding way to soothe thunderstorm-stressed dogs

Doody Pro - Professional Dog Waste Removal Service

Retired Racing Greyhounds - The Gentle Art of Turning Your Retired Racing Greyhound into Your Best Friend. Lee Livingood's website gives useful information about adoption, training, and general life with a retired racing greyhound. Lee is the author of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies. Also checkout Lee's list of the Top 10 reasons, both TO and NOT TO adopt a greyhound.

Adopt a Greyhound - The Greyhound Project would like to show you how retired racing Greyhounds become wonderful pets. Here you'll find lots of information about retired racing greyhounds, links to adoption groups all over the country, links to other useful sites, and information about the Celebrating Greyhounds magazine and calendar they produce!

The Greyhound Gang - Lots of information about greyhounds and some neat stuff to buy! This site has one of the best adoption manuals I've seen. Definitely read this if you're considering a greyhound!

REGAP - Retired Greyhounds as Pets of Connecticut REGAP of CT., Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to finding kind, loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds.

Pet Loss - The pet loss grief support website.

Vet Info - Valuable vet information for all dog owners.

Dogs Deserve Better - A national nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family.

OSU Greyhound Health & Wellness - The Ohio State University Greyhound Health & Wellness Program, a useful resource for greyhound owners and a medical program you may benefit from

The greyhound list is a fabulous resource for greyhound owners. Chat with other retired racing greyhound owners, or tap the collective wisdom of the list to ask for advice in areas such as dog training, dog care, and medical. To join, send an email to the following address with "SUBSCRIBE GREYHOUND-L Your Name" as the subject: LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM