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Haley - Nittany Angels

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Today our sweet, precious Haley passed away. Her last few weeks were healthy and happy. Her appetite was good and she was romping and playing with her toys. Monday she became very sick and in spite of the best efforts of our local vet and the emergency hospital vets, today we made the decision to end her suffering.

She has always struggled with colitis and recently had been having increasing bouts of stomach problems. We were lucky to have such kind and gentle veterinarians to care for her—and us. When we had to kennel her, Nittany Greyhounds were always there to give her hugs and compassionate care while we were away.

She was 11 years old and rescued us when she was 2½ years old. Many people thought I was crazy to want to adopt a dog. But when I saw her, I was smitten and she with me. She loved George but there was never any doubt that she was my dog. The "princess" as we called her was the best dog we have ever had. George has always said her wardrobe of coats equaled mine! She was always SO excited to see us when we walked in the door—even if we had only just taken out the garbage.

When I walked into a room and she was looking at me (and she was always looking for me), I would throw open my arms and say, "Hug." She would come running to me so I could snuggle her.

Wherever I was in the house, there was Haley. She followed me into every room and was always comfortable because she had dog beds in every room of the house!

Our nighttime ritual was for me to get down on the floor (she never got up on furniture) and she would immediately come over to snuggle with me. Unfortunately, she never got the "spooning" down. So instead of turning her back to me, she laid down so she could see me and with her long legs, I was never able to pet anything but her paws. We loved it anyway.

The house is so empty without her (it was always silent because she rarely barked). Her dog beds, dishes and toys are still here. Fortunately we have grand dogs that will enjoy them.

Haley provided unconditional love. And although I am so sad right now, I am incredibly grateful to have had her love for nine special years.