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Nittany Greyhounds
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Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have interest in adopting a greyhound, complete our online adoption application. Even if the dog has an application pending, things can always change. There is no obligation by completing the adoption application, but it lets us know you are interested so we can work to match the right dog with the right home.

Adoption Application

Desi · Female · 2½ years old · 68 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Desi - 1 Desi - 2 Desi - 3
This gorgeous red girl is called Desi. She ran only 9 races at Birmingham before she was retired. She spent 3 months in the 2nd Chance at Life prison training program being trained in basic obedience. Desi is a "loner" and would be very happy as an only dog with one person. However, she would do well in a small pack/ She is not good with small animals, but does fine with other medium to large dogs. Desi loves, loves, loves to go for long walks and will do her business on a leash, so she'd be great for a home that does not have a fenced in yard. She is a smart girl who has been trained to "sit", "here", "down", "heel" and "stay" and also does stairs with ease.

Skylar · Pending · Female · 2½ years old · 51 lbs · no cats, no dogs · Adopt me

Skylar - 1 Skylar - 2
Skylar is a gorgeous tiny tuxedo girl. She ran only 31 races before they gave her the pick slip for being just too slow. Skylar is super cute, and very sweet. She's not good with cats, though, and we wouldn't suggest small dogs, either, but she does just fine with other medium to large dogs. Skylar is on the submissive side. She's quiet and loves her crate.

Tanya · Female · 4½ years old · 58 lbs · Adopt me

Tanya - 1 Tanya - 2
Tanya was just retired from Sanford Orlando Kennel Club with 184 races under her belt! She is just a bit on the careful side, but very mild mannered and calm. She was living in foster care with 2 cats, a small dog and 2 greyhounds, doing well with all. We'll post more as we get to know her better.

Nina · Pending · Female · 4½ years old · 60 lbs · Adopt me

Nina - 1 Nina - 2
Nina is a beautiful red brindle girl, who is both small dog and cat safe. She is a little cautious at first, but got along great with the other greyhound in her foster home. She was only in foster for a week but did very well in that short time.

Aura · Female · 4 years old · 66 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Aura - 1 Aura - 2
Aura is a beautiful red girl, about 67 pounds and 4 years old. She was an excellent racer with 113 starts under her belt until she broke her right rear leg (hock). Her leg was placed in a cast and allowed to heal for 8 weeks. She is walking on it just fine and we are seeing continuing improvement. She will pick it up and carry it when she runs which is very common for this stage of recovery. She will use it more and more over time and it should not give her any further trouble; perhaps a bit of arthritis when she is old and gray. Aura is about as sweet as they come. She has a very calm, loving demeanor... friendly, but not clingy. She'll come to you when you call her. Aura is comfortable in a crate and rode well in the van. She's great on a leash. She's getting along really well with the other dogs, as well as other breeds.

Molly · Female · 10½ years old · 70 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Molly - 1
Molly is back at Nittany after a change in her family situation. She is 10 years old now but is healthy, happy, and update to date on all shots and medical care. She is sweet, laid back, and just a great all around girl. She is gorgeous, shiny black, and gets along with everyone.

Brillo · Male · 3½ years old · 73 lbs · Adopt me

Brillo - 1
Brillo is another gorgeous red boy. He is small animal safe and is getting along well with everyone. He seems sweet and loving and just wants attention. Brillo will also go into our prison program so in six weeks he'll be trained! More info to come.

Badger · Pending · Male · 4½ years old · 74 lbs · Adopt me

Badger - 1
Badger is our big silly boy! He's gorgeous and sweet and loving... very happy and loves to run and play. Badger will be put into our prison training program and so he won't be available for 6 weeks, but he'll be worth waiting for. He's wonderful!

Dusty · Male · 3 years old · 71 lbs · Adopt me

Dusty - 1
Dusty is on the smaller side but he is a gorgeous red fawn color with white on his chest. He loves people and seems to get along well with everyone. He's small animal safe. More information will come as we get to know him.

Bandi · Female · 4 years old · 60 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Bandi - 1 Bandi - 2
Our little Independence Day girl, Bandi, is definitely not cat-safe, but she is sweet in every other day. More updates to come as she gets settled. Will put up tattoos and more photos later...