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Nittany Greyhounds
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Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have interest in adopting a greyhound, complete our online adoption application. Even if the dog has an application pending, things can always change. There is no obligation by completing the adoption application, but it lets us know you are interested so we can work to match the right dog with the right home.

Adoption Application

Dexter · Male · Adopt me

Dexter - 1
Dexter is a 6-month-old fawn male greyhound puppy available through Furry Friends Network. He is currently in FFN foster care in the Carlisle area. Nittany is sharing his story in the hope that his perfect family might see him on our page. Dexter was surrendered to a veterinarian after he sustained a broken leg. FFN took him in, and made sure he received the surgery he needed to repair the leg. He is now a happy, healthy puppy, who would do best with an experienced Greyhound owner. Dexter would love to have a doggie brother or sister. He's not so sure about cats. He has chased them in his foster home, but may have learned his lesson after one of the kitty matrons had a quick discussion with him. Dexter does crate, but may do best in a home where he is not left unattended for more than a few hours. FFN is an all-breed nonprofit rescue, and all adoption proceedings for Dexter will take place through their organization. Take a look at his description on PetFinder for more information, or contact Robin at: Submit your adoption application through:

Luke Skywalker · Pending · Male · 55 lbs · Adopt me

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - 1 Luke Skywalker - 2
Lukie is so special. He was sick when we received him as a youngster and he had surgery to correct his liver issue. At this point now, he is perfectly healthy except for a bit of residual nerve damage. He is happy and just wants to be loved. He was in a home but was returned and it's too much to type here but we would be happy to tell you the story. Luke is social with most dogs but would do best with a dog that is not a greyhound. He is not tattooed and came from a breeding program in Ohio. Please ask about him. He's a special boy who needs a special owner.

Ben · Pending · Male · 3 years old · 75 lbs · Adopt me

Ben - 1 Ben - 2
Ben is a sweet, laid-back, tall boy who just wants to be loved. He is almost 3 years old and he's a gorgeous fawn color. More info on his personality will be forthcoming but for now, he loves everybody!

Kaycee · Female · 2½ years old · 70 lbs · Adopt me

Kaycee - 1 Kaycee - 2
Kaycee is another petite little girl, 2 and a half years old and as sweet as can be. More to come as we get to know her but she's happy and getting along with everyone very well.

Augie · Female · 5½ years old · 60 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Augie - 1 Augie - 2
Augie is a gorgeous red fawn female who has been with us for a while for some strange reason! She is a sweet girl... Augie will be an alpha so should be paired with a laid back male(s) looking for a girl to round out the pack! A really nice girl... who needs to get out of the kennel! She is not cat safe but can do other dogs. We probably also would not recommend her for small children.

Bandi · Female · 4 years old · 60 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Bandi - 1 Bandi - 2
Our little Independence Day girl, Bandi, is definitely not cat-safe, but she is sweet in every other day. More updates to come as she gets settled. Will put up tattoos and more photos later...

Fred · Male · 70 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Fred - 1 Fred - 2
Fred is a beautiful fawn male, with a devoted personality and loving manner. He was returned from a previous home because he became growlie around the children... at the kennel he is sweet and loving, but can be possessive of his toys and food. Just a nice all-around boy. We don't have his tattoos, but have his other records.