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Nittany Greyhounds
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Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have interest in adopting a greyhound, complete our online adoption application. Even if the dog has an application pending, things can always change. There is no obligation by completing the adoption application, but it lets us know you are interested so we can work to match the right dog with the right home.

Adoption Application

Theo · Male · 65 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Theo - 1 Theo - 2 Theo - 3
Theo is a happy, bouncy, loveable 2 year old who just wants to play and run with the other kids. What a joy... he is NOT cat safe, but what a character he is!

Ben · Pending · Male · 75 lbs · Adopt me

Ben - 1 Ben - 2
Ben is a sweet, laid-back, tall boy who just wants to be loved. He is almost 3 years old and he's a gorgeous fawn color. More info on his personality will be forthcoming but for now, he loves everybody!

Kaycee · Female · 70 lbs · Adopt me

Kaycee - 1 Kaycee - 2
Kaycee is another petite little girl, 2 and a half years old and as sweet as can be. More to come as we get to know her but she's happy and getting along with everyone very well.

Dragon · Pending · Male · 70 lbs · Adopt me

Dragon - 1 Dragon - 2
Unlike his fierce name, Dragon is a gorgeous, 4-year-old red boy, with a very sweet disposition. He gets along with everyone and nothing seems to bother him. More information coming as we get to know him... He is small animal safe.

Emma · Female · 7 years old · 60 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Emma - 1 Emma - 2 Emma - 3
Emma has been in a home for for a couple of years, but she is being rehomed because of an incident with one of the other greys in the household. She is very sweet, but will need to be crated when alone with other animals. She has no health issues, gets along fine with other greys, and is very sweet. We will share the story with anyone interested in her.

Augie · Female · 5 years old · 60 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Augie - 1 Augie - 2
Augie is a gorgeous red fawn female who has been with us for a while for some strange reason! She is a sweet girl... Augie will be an alpha so should be paired with a laid back male(s) looking for a girl to round out the pack! A really nice girl... who needs to get out of the kennel! She is not cat safe but can do other dogs. We probably also would not recommend her for small children.

Bandi · Female · 3½ years old · 60 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Bandi - 1 Bandi - 2
Our little Independence Day girl, Bandi, is definitely not cat-safe, but she is sweet in every other day. More updates to come as she gets settled. Will put up tattoos and more photos later...

Fred · Male · 70 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Fred - 1 Fred - 2
Fred is a beautiful fawn male, with a devoted personality and loving manner. He was returned from a previous home because he became growlie around the children... at the kennel he is sweet and loving, but can be possessive of his toys and food. Just a nice all-around boy. We don't have his tattoos, but have his other records.