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Nittany Greyhounds
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Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have interest in adopting a greyhound, complete our online adoption application. Even if the dog has an application pending, things can always change. There is no obligation by completing the adoption application, but it lets us know you are interested so we can work to match the right dog with the right home.

Adoption Application

Hunter · Pending · Male · 4 years old · 76 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Hunter - 1 Hunter - 2
Hunter is a big boy at 76 pounds, but he is very sweet and laid back. He is said to be "cat-workable" so with training might be alright... more to come, including tattoos and more photos...

Bandi · Female · 3½ years old · 60 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Bandi - 1 Bandi - 2
Our little Independence Day girl, Bandi, is definitely not cat-safe, but she is sweet in every other day. More updates to come as she gets settled. Will put up tattoos and more photos later...

Beach · Male · 4 years old · 65 lbs · Adopt me

Beach - 1 Beach - 2
Beach is a cat-safe, very sweet boy who gets along with everyone... more updates to come including photos and tattoos

Deirdra · Female · 2½ years old · 57 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Deirdra - 1 Deirdra - 2 Deirdra - 3
Deirdra is a very playful little girl at only 57 pounds! She is also said to be cat workable, so with some training she could fit into a cat-household. More information to come, including tattoos and more photos.

Sandy · Female · 3½ years old · 65 lbs · Adopt me

Sandy - 1 Sandy - 2
Sandy is a gorgeous dark fawn female, who is said to be cat-OK.

Hudson · Pending · Male · 10 lbs · Adopt me

Hudson - 1
Hudson is 12 weeks old and just a sweet little thing! More info to come...

Tonto · Male · 4½ years old · 65 lbs · Adopt me

Tonto - 1 Tonto - 2 Tonto - 3
Tonto is quiet and laid back but is settling in just fine. He gets along with all the other dogs and is small animal safe. He is super-friendly, well behaved in the house, and just a great all-around dog. He is a bit whiney at first, but settles down very quickly. Update: Tonto is coming back to Nittany through a change in family situation that has caused some behavioral issues. We will evaluate then update him as we go along... at any rate, he's available for adoption again.

Fred · Male · 70 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Fred - 1 Fred - 2
Fred is a beautiful fawn male, with a devoted personality and loving manner. He was returned from a previous home because he became growlie around the children... at the kennel he is sweet and loving, but can be possessive of his toys and food. Just a nice all-around boy. We don't have his tattoos, but have his other records.

Marvel · Pending · Male · 2½ years old · 69 lbs · Adopt me

Marvel - 1
Marvel is a gorgeous tuxedo boy who seems happy and gets along with everyone very well. He is 2 and a half and is just a joy to be around. Updates to come...

Layla · Female · 7½ years old · 60 lbs · Adopt me

Layla - 1
Layla is a broodie who has now finished her duties and is looking for a soft bed. She is a sweet little girl who seems to be getting along well with everyone. Updates to come...

Ginger · Pending · Female · 8 years old · 65 lbs · no cats, no small children · Adopt me

Ginger - 1 Ginger - 2
Ginger has been returned to us after 5 years because of broken family. She is upset, of course, and right now not very happy. Ginger is very loving, affectionate and sweet, but should probably be in a home without children or a large pack. She was in a home before with one other grey and she was fine, but she's not used to a lot of noise and activity. Please consider giving this older girl some love. She really needs it right now.

Diva · Female · 60 lbs · Adopt me

Diva - 1 Diva - 2
Diva is an 7-year-old brood mom who has done her duty and is now looking for a soft couch. She is quiet and calm and just a love-bug! She is active and happy and gets along well with everyone. Diva is small animal safe. Update: Diva has been returned to us as she just didn't get along with the other grey in her new family. She is very sweet and loving, may do best as an only dog and is definitely cat safe. This little girl needs a soft place to fall...

Augie · Female · 5 years old · 60 lbs · no cats · Adopt me

Augie - 1 Augie - 2
Augie is a gorgeous red fawn female who has been with us for a while for some strange reason! She is a sweet girl... it takes a couple of days for her to warm up but after that she is very devoted and loving. Augie will be an alpha so should be paired with a laid back male(s) looking for a girl to round out the pack! A really nice girl... who needs to get out of the kennel! She is not cat safe but can do other dogs. We probably also would not recommend her for small children.

Silk · Female · 4 years old · 60 lbs · Adopt me

Silk - 1 Silk - 2 Silk - 3
OMG, look at that heart on her forehead! What a lovely little girl... so happy and playful, sweet and loving. Need we say more?