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Dogs Available for Adoption

The following greyhounds are available for adoption. If you have interest in a particular dog or a greyhound in general, complete our online adoption application. Even if the dog has an application pending, things can always change.

There is no obligation by completing the adoption application, but it lets us know you are interested so we can work to match the right dog with the right home. Email for more information.

Tiger · Female · 3½ years old · 60 lbs

Tiger - 1 Tiger - 2
Tiger is pure white except for one red spot on her side... she is happy and playful and loves to be petted. What a beauty!

Albie · Male · 4½ years old · 69 lbs

Albie - 1 Albie - 2 Albie - 3
Albie is a small male who loves everyone and gets along in every situation. He is very sweet and playful. More updates to come as we get to know him better!

Daisy · Female · 4 years old · 55 lbs · no cats

Daisy - 1 Daisy - 2
Daisy is a very young gorgeous champagne brindle girl. She is sweet and loving and really likes the company of other dogs. We believe Daisy is not small animal safe but she gets along well with other greyhounds. Update: Daisy does not like small dogs so will do better in a home with larger dogs or another grey. She is absolutely the perfect girl, according to her foster mom, and is ready to go!

Jasmine · Pending · Female · 3½ years old · 71 lbs

Jasmine - 1 Jasmine - 2
Jasmine is so sweet, she could sweeten your tea! Loves to be loved and gets along with everyone. She is playful but not bouncing off the walls... love this girl!

Pibb · Pending · Male · 1½ years old · 66 lbs

Pibb - 1
Pibby is a gorgeous brindle with white markings. He is happy and active, but sweet and just adorable!

Silk · Female · 4 years old · 60 lbs

Silk - 1 Silk - 2 Silk - 3
OMG, look at that heart on her forehead! What a lovely little girl... so happy and playful, sweet and loving. Need we say more?

Teddy · Male · 4½ years old · 71 lbs

Teddy - 1 Teddy - 2
Teddy is the brother to a couple of other girls we had go through here before, and he is just as wonderful as they are. He has lots of personality but is also very loving and sweet. He's small animal safe and just a dear boy.

Stevie · Pending · Male · 75 lbs

Stevie - 1 Stevie - 2 Stevie - 3
Stevie is a gorgeous light brindle with a white necklace and chest. He is small animal safe and really loves his people. Stevie is a broken-hock dog; he just recently had his cast removed and has no hardware; he just needs some time to completely heal but he seems to have no residual from the break. Just a lovely, sweet boy.

Diva · Pending · Female · 60 lbs

Diva - 1 Diva - 2
Diva is an 7-year-old brood mom who has done her duty and is now looking for a soft couch. She is quiet and calm and just a love-bug! She is active and happy and gets along well with everyone. Diva is small animal safe.

Grape · Male · 70 lbs · no small children

Grape - 1 Grape - 2 Grape - 3
Grape is so happy! He's very active and wants to be the center of attention at all times. He's a fun boy who wants nothing more than to just be loved as much as possible. He would not be appropriate with small children; he'd just knock them silly! Grape is said to be small animal safe but I'd probably say small animal workable, depending on the particular small animal.

Charlie · Male · 70 lbs · no cats, no small children

Charlie - 1 Charlie - 2 Charlie - 3
Charlie enjoys life! He hops, skips, and stomps his way through every day with a big personality... he was in the WV race kennel for a very long time because he is not small animal safe and he's a handful... but, he's worth it because he's a fantastic boy who will be the best companion you can ask for. He'll need the right home, but they will be so lucky to have this wonderful big boy!