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Blog » The Complete Homemade Diet Recipe

Toni D
Those of you who know me know that for years I have advocated a home made diet for our furkids. My book has been a steady seller for several years now but some of those recipes, I realize now, are not completely balanced. They're close, but I recently learned of a recipe for a complete meal for dogs. I'm really excited about it because now we finally have it--a way to help our furkids be healthy without compromising their nutrition. I'm going to give you the recipe here because I want all of us to do better in feeding our dogs...after all, don't we want them to live absolutely forever? I know I here it is. Please try it.
--14 oz. lean ground beef (or poultry or fish)
--2 tsp hempseed oil
--1/2 can sardines
--1/2 tsp ground ginger
--1/2 tsp kelp powder
--1 egg
--1/2 egg shell (ground in a coffee grinder)
--1 oz. beef liver
--1 oz. spinach
--1 oz. broccoli
Mix it all together; you can make patties and bake them if you want, or just serve raw. You won't have to overfeed with this. A couple of cups a day is about all our greys need, but of course it all depends on your dog too...might need a little more; maybe a little less. Judge for yourself while watching their weight.
Please give me some feedback about this. I'm sure your dogs will love it. I'm so happy to bring this to you.
September 6, 2016 at 10:09am ·  Share

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