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Blog » What Is a Leader?

Toni D
This is a "get it off my chest moment." I have been doing this a long time, and there are times like today that I ask, "What Is a Leader?" Nittany has come a long way in the past 10 years, not because of me but because of the many volunteers, supporters, and adopters who have come to us because of their love of greyhounds. But, every group needs a leader and so that is my privilege. As I see it, this is what people expect from a leader, or a board for that matter:
--Must be fair 100% of the time
--Must never lose their temper
--Must not even have emotions
--Must be available 24/7; instantly if not sooner
--Must be kind
--Must be loving
--Must be patient
--Must have all the answers
--Must be able to make perfect decisions instantly
--Must keep everyone in the loop
--Must never expect compliments
--Must always be gracious in the face of criticism
--Must never make mistakes
I'm not complaining; I try to do these things willingly and graciously, but is this list realistic? Does this sound like anyone you know? Me either...nobody is perfect. I have faults, I have problems, I am a flawed human trying to do the right thing. I make mistakes, but know this. Nittany is always in my heart and these dogs are always my first priority. None of us require or expect pats on the back for everything we do--my personal rewards come from watching a grey go home, watching a grey be cherished, watching a grey feel the grass for the first time. We support our adopters to the nth degree whenever possible--we have proven our commitment over and over again. Our volunteers are very important to us and we do everything we can to make them feel appreciated and important. Yes, sometimes decisions have to be made that are unpopular for some, but it's always, always for the good of the dogs. There, that feels better...:-) - Toni
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