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Nittany Greyhounds
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We get questions almost daily about health and behavior issues about our greyhounds. The following are answers to some frequently asked questions. We don't pretend to be experts or veterinarians, just hoping to give "guidelines," never substitute our opinions or judgments for a vet's or professional behaviorist's advice.

Featured Articles

PDF Why Greyhounds Do What They Do
Famed Greyhound Expert Kathleen Gilley lends some insight into greyhound behavior.

PDF Why Does My Dog Eat Feces
We all think it's disgusting... is it really a diet deficiency? How can we stop it?

PDF Thunderstorms
Does your hound have anxiety during thunderstorms or other loud noises?

PDF Medical Considerations
Important differences you should know before you take your hound to the vet.

PDF Making Sense of Blood Test Results

PDF Is Your Greyhound Choking
The Heimlich Maneuver for dogs.

PDF Hypothyroidism
What is the thyroid gland? How does it work? What are the main components? What to look for in greyhounds and treatment.

PDF Elimination on Command
An easy way to help your greyhound get the message.

PDF Cocoa Bean Mulch
Can Be Hazardous To Your Dog's Health.

PDF Changing Diets
This is so much more than just the right way to change a diet. This also includes interesting information and tips.

PDF Arthritis Relief
Some simple techniques you can do to give your friend relief of pain without, or in conjunction with, drugs.