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MARKET AMERICA: Shopping that gives back!

What is Market America?

For Nittany, very simply, Market America is a shopping portal. If you have ever shopped on igive or one of the other "give back" portals, this is a lot like that except for one big difference. YOU also earn cash-back on the purchases you make and the amount differs depending on the on-line store you use. For every dollar you spend on line, Nittany gets points towards cash and you get cash back on your purchases as well. (click there now or read on for more information,

Market America is a product broker in that they have their own lines of excellent products such as car care, pet care, supplements, beauty products, and even fashion and jewelry, but it also is a portal for shopping in more than 3,000 stores, lots of them brand names like Macy's, Bloomingdales, ACE Hardware, Travelocity, and even eBay! That's the most exciting one because every time you win an item, you get cash back and we get cash too. Things don't cost more through this portal, and many of the stores offer free shipping. I don't know how much your time is worth, but this has saved me lots of time shopping for everyday items as bland as Ziploc bags and laundry detergent! I like not lugging that stuff around and I get cash back! It's all good. I also shop for my mother and have her daily shopping needs delivered right to her door.

How Much does it cost to Sign Up?

Nothing, this is not a buying club. It's simple and it's free and you just shop on line like you usually would, only you access stores through our portal instead.

No catch... you purchase on line, you get money back and Nittany gets a percentage. It's so simple, and it doesn't take forever to kick in. But the more people we get signed up, the better we, and you, will do. (click here to sign up or read on or even more details:

How do you Sign Up?

Go to and click on the "learn more about cash back" in the middle of the page. You'll come to a landing page where it will ask you for your e-mail address and then you'll click on "sign me up" or "I'm a new customer", and it will take you to a page where it will ask you your contact information. At the bottom, it will ask you if you were referred by a friend... if you put my e-mail address in there, then we get an additional half percent on all purchases... then at the bottom, click yes to the terms and agreement, and it will come back to with a confirmation. Then you're ready to go. If you have any trouble with it, please let me know and I'll get you signed up from here. You'll receive a number back, but really, you just need to remember your password and e-mail address.

Note that you will not receive any spam and your information will NOT be sold or given out to anyone. This is a secure site and the privacy policy is very clear. This is for our purposes only.

BONUS! If you sign up your friends, and if they put your e-mail address in as the referring party, YOU will get an extra half percent on everything they buy! In this way,even if you never buy one thing, you'll still make money if your family or friends buy on-line. This is such a great opportunity for everyone concerned. Nittany benefits from you and your friends' on-line buying. Building the buying network (and your buying network too) is what will make us the largest royalty. And your cash back builds up and you can watch it build up every time you sign on. You can redeem your money at anytime, either buying products or you can get a check for cash. It's so easy! Honestly, I would not recommend this if I thought it was a scheme of any kind. I have researched it, I have shopped it, and I trust it. I've seen other groups make money doing this -- we can too!

Remember that you have to pass THROUGH our portal to shop for us to get benefit, and from time to time, you'll hear from me personally about deals on the site or other news relating to the shopping portal. But you won't get a bunch of spam or pressure to buy. I just want you to explore the site, have fun with it, search on some stuff and see the comparison shopping you can do... you can compare pricing from dozens of different stores and pick the best price or the highest cash back... it's like a treasure hunt, and when you click to shop from a particular store, you'll go to that store's website and shop directly from them using your own payment method etc., just like you normally would. It has been said that Market America's site is bigger than Amazon, and with the cash-back benefit, it's just too good for us to pass up.

Give it a try and see how easy it is to help Nittany Greyhounds' adoption efforts! We can make this work!

Go to and get started shopping right now! E-mail me if you have questions at, or feel free to call me at 814-883-1177 if you have any doubts at all. I don't have all the answers, but I can sure get some for you if you have a problem with this. I so much want Nittany to have a sustained, residual income stream so we can do the things we need to do for greyhounds! I believe in this and in you, our supporters. We all want to succeed and this is a great and fun way that we can.