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Nittany Greyhounds
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Memorial Donations

Memorial contributions to Nittany Greyhounds are a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one or a pet. Your donations are used as you wish in service to these lovely dogs. Please consider making a contribution to either memorialize or to honor a loved one, a pet, or just someone you admire. We'll list them here. You can accept PayPal, credit cards, accept checks, cash, or larger contributions of annuities or bequests.

Donations have been made in honor of the following:

Rocky & Tucker Luchsinger
Maggie & Ellie Forman
Willow Rosengrant
CeeCee Bartlett
Bobby & Cathi Gahagan
EJ's Groovy
Louie & Chiquita Stabile
Rube Hynes (1995-2007)
Winston Yeager
Walt Bowersox
Harry & Annie Tonkin
12 Smith "bridge" kids and Jo Hoy
Cid & Mandy Goodman
Buddy Walker
Bullitt & Gunner Saunders
Emily Pletcher
Glitz Biddington
Bunny Johns
Edison & Uno Undercofler
Maude & Reno Love
Sarge Smith
Faye Oberdick
Beeker Rogan
Daphne Long, who passed in June 2009
Gable Easton, who passed in December 2009
Martin Hoffnagle
Zip Conner
24 people and 2 organizations in honor of Laura Ennis
59 people and 6 organizations/businesses in honor of Bob Gottschall
42 people in honor of Jo Hoy
Clara Aschenbrenner